Kristina Keller

Kristina Keller, ERYT 200 #45012, YACEP, is a native Houstonian, and has been practicing Yoga in one form or another since her early childhood. She has recently returned from a two week immersion study of fascia at the University of St. Andrews School of Medicine in Scotland, where she studied this mysterious and intrinsic aspect of our selves through cadaver dissections with the remarkable, Gil Hedley, Ph.D. She has been teaching Yoga for 12 years locally and traveling to teach workshops and advanced studies programs.  Kristina’s life and her teaching have been an organic evolution of her experiences and her studies.

Her studies of the human body initially lead her into massage therapy where she specialized in advanced therapeutic modalities, and training elite athletes as she herself was a competitive endurance athlete. Kristina’s extensive studies of anatomy, physiology, neuroscience, psychology, philosophy, physics and consciousness give her an enhanced understanding of the science and practice of Yoga. In addition to her advanced trainings in these fields and yoga, Kristina has and continues to study under inveterate master, Robert Boustany. She has also focused particularly on the use of yoga for the treatment of PTSD and traumatic brain injury. Kristina is committed to helping all of her students “remember” and utilize the tools they innately possess to fully experience their potential...physically, emotionally and spiritually.


I teach an active yet accessible  Pralaya Yoga style. Focusing on strengthening connective tissue around joints, promoting neutral alignment of the spine for optimal strength and energy flow. With longevity in mind using the body's natural physiological processes to produce maximum, lasting results in strength and flexibility with minimal effort.