Class Schedule


Check out and join our Facebook Group “Blanco Yogis” for up to the minute schedule announcements and special events. We do not have a “permanent” schedule. Look for 2 to 3 classes per week and the occasional special event.


All physical yoga (Asana) is Hatha Yoga, regardless of the style, be it vinyasa, yin, ashtanga, hot, Iyengar, flow, whatever. The underlying tenant of Yoga is balance. Creating it, restoring it, cultivating it, maintaining it, regardless of the style you practice. This is exemplified in the Yin/Yang symbol which has become so ubiquitous as to loose its significance. The image of light and dark intertwining and flowing in and out of one another perfectly illustrates the point. The two halves of this symbol also represent masculine and feminine, sun and moon, fire and water…The balancing of all aspects of oneself. Thus there are two types of Asana (Hatha Yoga). YANG practices, which are what most Americans think of as what is “yoga”. Yang practices are about an external output of “doing”. Moving the body, seeking outward, expanding comfort zones, exploring boundaries and moving past them, building heat, building strength or flexibility…you get the idea.

YIN practices are exactly the opposite. Yin Yoga utilizes passive, long (3-5 minute) holds to gently stress the connective tissues of the lower body. Most of the postures are seated or supine and focus on the hips, hamstrings, pelvis and lower back. Yin, practices have a more significant impact on the central nervous system in creating relaxation and soothing tension and anxiety as well as working on the connective tissues. The focus is passive and inward and about yielding, surrendering and softening through NOT DOING. Yin practices can be very challenging physically, but in an entirely different way than a Yang practice.

Most Americans have a very limited idea of what Yoga is and confuse a style of yoga and its forms with substance and create attachments and “right/wrong” conversations around varying styles. Yoga is a many thousands of years old philosophical discipline the least of which has to do with the physical act of Asana. No matter the style, yoga should start with what is right with you, feel inclusive, and grow and expand outward from there.

I invite and encourage you to explore and experience Yin, where how you look is irrelevant, and how you feel and witnessing your experience is the focal point, as a vital counterpoint to the more aggressive ways you may exercise your body. Create balance in how you consciously inhabit your body. The only wrong way to move your body is the same way all the time.

Yoga is awareness of the soul in every action.